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We are new full- timers and about 2 weeks later we had the Li oP alarm on Norcold fridge and it stopped working. All RV refrigerators, including Norcold' s, will only operate at peak performance if your RV is parked within 3 inches off level side- to- side or 6 inches off level front- to- back. Move the RV to a more level position for optimal operation. model 1200lrim, refrig. and freezer not cold. no- co code, i reset the board, cleared the no- co code. refrig and freezer still not getting cold. tested the power comming in - ok. checked power at board. If the Fault Code continues, see your dealer or authorized Norcold Service Center. Red, flashes on three ( 3) times every five ( 5) seconds.

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    Norcold error code

    A temperature limit swich is open. One of the most popular RV refrigerators is the Norcold model, made by the Thetford Corp. This refrigerator uses either propane gas or electricity for power. For optimal operating function, Thetford advises running the Norcold refrigerator on AC power when you are camped at altitudes above 5, 500 feet. Insert one end of a jumper wire into the socket to the right of the white/ violet wire on the wire harness ( Pin 15) and touch the other end of the wire to one of the bolts mounting the power board to the unit for 10 to 15 seconds or until a " click" is heard. front display showing " no FL", one after the other For all of the codes above, the symptoms will be very simply that the refrigerator does not work properly on LP. All LP components could be the cause of this code. Absolutely No Affiliation exists between this group and Tiffin Motor Homes Inc or the Allegro Club. This website neither endorses or discourages the use or purchase of a Tiffin product. All references, suggestions, comments, etc. contained herein are the opinions/ experiences of the posters and not those of Tiffin Motor Homes Inc. No code comes on to indicate what might be wrong.

    gas does not stay on very long and refer does not get cold on ac. recall was done in Fl in July and we came to arkansas where we are now and now refer not working it seems. My RV' s Refrigerator is Beeping and Flashing an Error Code and Not Getting. Refrigerators manufacturers for RVs are Dometic and Norcold ( Thetford) and. refrigerator must use only NORCOLD designed and approved outside air in- take and exhaust. no LP - no FL Fault Code - Burner failed to ignite or reignite. I will check that, thanks. I looked at the Norcold website, and I think the code I am getting might mean " no flame". So maybe I will try both of those avenues. But alas, the fridge is working fine on propane, but reports " NO AC" when I try to force it on to AC. The fridge has been off for 3 months while we did other things. Now that we are going to head south on Monday, it has decided to act up. This video provides an overview of the operation of the popular Norcold refrigerator as well as maintenance tips, reading diagnostic codes, and steps you can take to make your refrigerator run. EPA’ s Safer Choice Program helps consumers, businesses, and institutional buyers identify cleaning and other products that perform well and are safer for people and the environment. For those of you who wish to attempt it, here is the Norcold reset procedure which was acquired on the rv.

    Access the rear of the fridge thru the vent cover outside and remove the circuit board cover. Fault Codes Fault Code Meaning Corrective Actions; No display. DC voltage is unavailable to the refrigerator control panel or the refrigerator is OFF. Page 15: F/ no Fl Fault Code – Burner Failed To Ignite Or Reignite Refrigerator solenoid gas valve manual shutoff is open. LP gas pressure at the solenoid gas valve pressure tap is 10. You can go to Norcold or Dometic' s website to verify that you are not on the. Our previous Norcold refrigerator could barely keep fifty- five. Norcold Refrigerators. Uniquely Designed for the RV Experience. Built to handle the demands and rigors of the road. Best Answer: The code “ no co” means that the refrigerator Thermistor is not sensing enough of a temperature drop and due to that, has locked the refrigerator out.

    This code is very generic and could be the cause of any one component that effects the cooling of the unit. Automatically switches to propane if electricity is unavailable or required for other appliances. refrigerator must use only NORCOLD designed and approved outside air in- take and. no LP - no FL Fault Code – Burner failed to ignite or. The " no ac" makes me suspect that you still have no 120V power to the system. If there is none, you should still be able to get the until to operate on propane. I would try selecting propane. Se c toi n 1 1 This service manual provides maintenance, diagnostic, and repair information for NORCOLD ® model 121X- XX gas absorption refrigerators. The information, illustrations, and specifications contained in this. After the screen number turns off, the power board input LEDs displa y. Fault Codes displayed by N61X and N81X Control Panel LEDs.

    The fault code “ no” “ FL” shows in the center display. My Norcold 1200LRIM decided to stop working on LP today for no apparent reason. It comes up as NO FL ( No Flame). I have plenty of DC power and gas and I have purged the system and lit the cooktop to check the flow. NO FL The burner did not ignite or re- ignite. Check: - That the valve of the propane gas tank( s) is open. - That the propane gas is at the correct pressure. When an RV ( absorption- type) refrigerator will not function on propane: 1. My Norcold RV fridge does not work on l. Norcold " LI" " oP" fault code I had the same problem as the OP and wrote a step- by- step guide to resetting the high temperature limit switch after it gets wet. I know this is an older thread - but I wanted to add this link in case someone else comes across it first. Norcold 2118 Cooling Unit Compartment. The first photo is of the ARP Control installed on a 2118 PolarMax in a Montana 5th Wheel trailer. Please note that the Norcold 2118 cooling unit compartment has plenty of room for mounting the ARP.